Our YouTube video will be out soon, but in the meantime please see below insructions, or click on the youtube playlist below to view other online videos.

Inflate your balloon with air (no helium required) and install the garland a couple of hours prior to an event so they look their best. You can install the day before if you need to. Inflate each balloon to a more rounded shape by letting out some air. Use a hand or electric balloon air pump. The mini balloons are hard to blow up by mouth and jumbo balloons need to be inflated using a pump.

Balloon Garland with Decorating Strip

Slip the knot of each balloon through the holes in the tape for a secure fit. String can also be used to tie on balloons to the strip. Position balloons until you get your desired look. We like to use string on the ends of the balloon tape to tie the garland onto removable command hooks. Or tape the strip onto a frame

Does your kit come with a foil orbz ball balloon? Check out this video