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2m White Circle Balloon Frame with Mesh, Decorating Stand 2 Halves

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Easy assembly required. Transports to your event in a car easily.

This stand is great for hanging balloon garlands, floral arrangements and signage for your special event.

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Please note, minor imperfections may vary with each frame - the centre of the frame does not perfectly lineup, there will be a small gap between the pieces. In order to improve the alignment clear cable ties work best.

**It is highly recommended sand bags (or equivalent) be used to support the base of the frame, especially if balloon or acrylic is being attached.** 

Fragile items can often be damaged during transit. Even though we strive to label parcels with fragile tape and sufficient protective packaging, our third party couriers can still be very rough. We cannot be responsible for damages that occur to parcels during transit. We may provide a credit given the circumstance but we cannot gurantee a credit for every instance.

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