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Luxe Pink And Rose Gold Balloon Arch Kit

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Our gorgeous balloon arches are the best way to take your party balloons to the next level! Use as a showstopping centrepiece or frame your door to create an exciting entrance!

Bring a vibrant pop of colour to your decorations with this luxe pink balloon garland, the perfect party balloons for girls!

Each pack contains 200 party balloons:

20 x 5", 20 x 10", 20 x 12" Light Pink Balloons
16 x 5", 20 x 10", 20 x 12", 4 x 32" Pink Balloons
10 x 5", 23 x 10", 25 x 12", 2 x 18" Magenta Pink Balloons
5 x 5", 10 x 10", 5 x12" Rose Gold Chrome Balloons
12m Balloon tape and glue dots for easy assembly


Inflation: Balloons require air fill only. You will need a pump to blow up the 12cm balloons as they are hard to blow up by mouth. Plus it is a lot easier with a pump to do the whole garland. You can use an air compressor or electric balloon pump to inflate balloons for quick installation you may have at home, otherwise we have balloon pumps available here.

See our Balloon Inflation Tips Here

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