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Printing our DIY Party Printables

If you have recently purchased a printable file from our store then the below information will apply.

We recommend printing at a professional print house or your local printers for best colour and paper results. Print 100% do not scale. Ask your printers to see paper stock examples so you can select the right paper quality, especially if you want a nice finish.



Printing at a professional print house – email them the files or upload the jpeg file to vistaprint, and they will set up the print files and print double sided for you, no fuss. Usually their print quality colour is better than home machines.  Printing at home – You can print your invitations using a double sided printer using US Letter size paper or A4 at %100, Do not scale.  

(IMPORTANT: Not using a double sided printer, and feeding the paper manually for the front, then the back can have alignment issues as paper can move in some printers.) 

Bunting Flags

Print on US Letter or A4 Paper size. We recommend printing on a white thick cardstock. Print 100%. Do not scale. Cut out, punch holes at the top of each flag string through twine or string then hang.

Cupcake Toppers

If you have a 1.75inch or 2 inch circle or flourish punch print the last page/s of the cupcake topper file, as this has extra colour bleed. If not, just print out page 1 and cut with scissors. Punches are available from online websites – EK Success Brands, Walmart and Kmart.


We recommend printing on thick textured card stock. Use a single hole punch 5mm, then thread your ribbon or twine to attach to your party bags.


Drink Labels

You can print your labels on US or A4 size paper. Ask you local printers about printing on waterproof paper options.

Thank You Cards

Your cards are set up 6x8, to fold in half to 6x4 blank inside to fit a C6 envelope. You can print your cards on A4 or US Letter size paper at %100, Do not scale. We have set them up with extra bleed and trim lines so you can easily cut out using a ruler, scalpel on a cutting matt or just use scissors.

Buffet Labels/Name Card Tent cards

Print on US Letter or A4 Paper size. We recommend printing on a thick white thick cardstock. Cut and fold on lines. Print 100%. Do not scale.

Party Hats

Print on US Letter or A4 heavy weight paper for sturdy durability. Cut and glue the tab as indicated.Roll the paper tighter than you need to make the paper easier to shape.You may use tape on the inside for extra reinforcement. Use a 5mm Hole punch where indicated (circles) Hook strings, ribbon or elastics on to the holes.

Straw Flags

Cut out, fold/stick double sided near the top of your drink straws or use as a cupcake topper and stick double sided at the top of a toothpick.

Cupcake Wrappers

Print on US Letter or A4 white paper, cut around the artwork, position around your cupcakes so you know where to stick the ends together so it fits snuggly. Then glue the ends together and stick.

Treat Cups/Boxes – Used for Lollies, Popcorn, Chocolates etc

Print as many as you need on US Letter or A4 size paper/cardstock. We suggest nice thick cardstock. Plain white paper will also work. Fold and cut where indicated on the artwork, glue together on tabs indicated.