Air Pumps: See these links for air hand pumps and electric balloon pumps.

Helium Tanks: You can usually hire a helium tank in your local area if you are doing quite a few balloons. Local hardware stores usually have tanks for hire. Check out some links for helium tanks here.

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What are balloon sprays and what are they used for

Check out the video below on the different sprays and keeping balloons looking fresh for days. See our balloon sprays here

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Balloon Glue Dots

These are clear, adhesive, double sided sticky tabs for use with latex balloons. Rub the glue dot and paper over the balloon, remove the backing.

(Great for sticking balloons together to fill in any gaps)

Balloon Care:

Keep balloons away from direct sunlight and warm places. Helium expands in warm temperatures so balloons can burst if left in front of windows, in conservatories, cars etc. Avoid very low temperatures too as they can affect the float time of the balloon, balloons prefer to be in comfortable room temperatures.

Keep the balloons away from open windows, doors and breezy spots as they can be blown against sharp objects and will burst.

Make sure balloons are not near any sharp objects as they will burst! Check there are no nails in walls or sharp corners/edges close to where you are displaying the balloon/balloons as it will puncture if they brush against them.

Latex balloons are biodegradable so its normal that they oxidize (become cloudy) as they start to degrade. Heat, sun and humidity can accelerate this process.
Helium balloons can pop if they are exposed to heat & sun.

Mylar foil balloons can shrink if left in the cold or near air-conditioning. The good news is that they will puff back up once in a warm room